Mask origin with nginx error if origin does not return 200 for a file

Mask the origin error message with an nginx http error message if origin does not return 200 for a file. Similar to how “Disable Access to Root Path” displays the 403 nginx error at the root. Prevents leaking origin information to users if the origin produces an error with things like bucket name for Backblaze B2. { “code”: […]

Ability to see number of requests and bandwidth by referrers.

This is something we use a lot in CloudFront to keep an eye on overall usage from specific sites connected to our SaaS platform. Also the ability to view “popular objects” and see the number of requests for say the top 50 objects would also be awesome.  Would love to see these come to GrandCDN too. 🙂

Offer eTag support to make it possible to force clients to update

It’s not currently possible to force clients to refresh their copies of the downloaded files. After uploading new versions and purging, servers will start sending the newer versions. However clients will keep their old copy until an expiration period is reached. There is no way for example to upload new versions of files and force […]