Increase DNS TTL

Any chance that the DNS TTL can be doubled, tripped, or even quadrupled? Or why does GrandCDN’s TTL have to be so incredibly short? Can this be re-evaulated? Apple made the point at this is year’s WWDC that this is optimizing for something that nearly never happens. Specifically, here are the exact times in their […]

Reorganize ServerZone codes

Any chance you could reorganize the CDN-ServerZone codes to be something sensible? (These should also be documented somewhere.) Proposal: <ISO 3166-1 alpha-3>-<UN/LOCODE> Current    Proposed        LocationBRB        AUS-BNE        Australia, BrisbaneMEL        AUS-MEL        Australia, MelbourneMEL        AUS-PER        Australia, PerthSYD        AUS-SYD        Australia, SydneyBR        BRA-SAO        Brazil, São PauloCA        CAN-TOR       […]